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Lorena and Gaston dance together since 2015, from that year, other than getting married, they have achieved to join together their artistic paths to evolve professionally. They constantly strike to accomplish a tango that does not just refer to its technical side, but that conveys artistic achievement beyond the movement.

Lorena y gaston tango
Lorena Gonzalez Cattaneo

Lorena González Cattáneo *


She gave her first steps with her maternal grandfather, with a passion for the tango dance; from him she inherited the love for this music. Following a dream she had since childhood, Lorena began to dance in 2006, devoting herself intensively to different disciplines, such as jazz, Belly dance, flamenco, salsa, and lately, tango.

One year later, her dedication and talent lead her to her first professional steps. She worked in many multicultural tango spaces or “Casas de tango” in Uruguay. Her strongest background is the fact that she worked in a traditional multicultural tango place, where the history and present of the tango montevideano of El Rio De La Plata mix and remains intact, Fun Fun. In such emblematic place she continued dancing while living in Montevideo. The tango had won her heart, although she continued to enjoy other dances too.

In 2010 she was selected to join the group of dancers of "Boom Company", a prestigious company that was 10 years old, unique in its genre and magazine in Uruguay, a type of show that combines music and dance with dramatic elements of burlesque, vaudeville comedy and extravaganza musical, there she played for three seasons until moving to Buenos Aires.

At the same time, she taught tango lessons, belly dance and dance for girls. For a few years she traveled to Buenos Aires assiduously to train with different teachers. In 2012 she decided to move to the nearby shore to start his career there.

In 2013 she meets Gaston and that same year he moved to Buenos Aires to share their lives. In 2014 Lorena manages to present for the first time at Tango World Championship and wins first place in “pista” category, a circumstance that boost her career internationally.

It is in 2015 that Lorena and Gaston achieve and merge their artistic careers, something they dreamed since long ago and begin together to bring the tango around the world.


Gaston Camejo

Gastón Camejo


From childhood his mother and the music were his biggest influence in always staying in connection with the art. At age 17 he sees for first time a young couple from the National Folkloric Ballet of Uruguay dancing tango, and he is impressed by them. This experience highly motivated him and at age 18 he joins such organization.


During the following years, he brought the art and his profession running in parallel until in 2013, driven by his love to Lorena, he decides to leave everything behind and move to Buenos Aires. In his new country, his technique grew from experimentation to his way of living between the milongas, the rehearsal rooms and the Tango studies, in such a way that he takes the decision to devote himself entirely to the profession of dancing Tango. Today, his love for Lorena who drove him to the biggest change in his life, binds his passion to merge as a Tango couple...

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